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Take an overdose of laughter.

How would you like to start laughing and not being able to stop?

Laughter is one of God’s greatest creations. It’s the best gift a man was offered, in order to go through the adventure called life. People who can laugh easily live longer and those who can give us laughter are blessed and the most lovable. Daily shots of humor can make the difference between just existing and actually living.

“My wife took possession of my cell phone and won’t give it back. You really put me in trouble with these jokes.” – Jun T.

Falling in love, laughing every day and sleeping well are the secrets of good life.

• Entertain yourself and your beloved with hilarious mini jokes.

• One joke a day, keeps the doctor away.

Shaking amusement for all.

• Shake your phone and laugh your worries away.

• There is no such thing as too much fun.

Humor is the star of the twenty-first century. It dominates every section of our society. You find it in clubs, in the media, in politics, in advertising, everywhere. Why not having it in your disposal at home, in the office, in the car, at a hazardous meeting? It’s cheap, it’s healthy and it’s refreshing.

By now, even scientists and doctors admit that nothing can be as therapeutic as a good laughter. It clears the mind, releases the tension of the body and the brain and helps us view the difficulties from a new prospective. A funny sms we receive, can make our day brighter. A short, hilarious joke can be the relaxing answer to a moody day that seems to never end. A one-liner joke can be the midst to avoid a painful fight with our significant other, which could have unwanted results if not prevented.

We give you short, funny jokes for every occasion. Adult jokes, marriage jokes, dirty jokes. Valuable comedy about life, politics, relationships, education, is being handed to you reachable at your phone, with a simple twist of your wrist. You shake it, and spend a few valuable seconds away from every care, from every difficult thought that clouds your mind.

You can use them in a sms message to your friends, or your family. Sharing a good joke secures bonding and sufficient communication.

You can tell them at work. Say one every morning to your colleagues, just before you all start working. Have them anticipate every day for this little breath of joy and make them jealous of your witted personality.

Read to yourself short jokes, while you are in the car, stuck in traffic. Turn the most stressing and disturbing experience of the day into a fun intermission from boredom and anger.

Use these short, funny jokes as quotes of the day. A guide, that reminds you to smile, to laugh and to not take your problems too seriously.

This is exactly the charm of the app given to you. You can choose to use these funny words, everywhere and in any way you like. They are smart, hilarious, not offending to anyone. They are carefully selected from a vast collection of entertaining jokes, because of their authenticity, their quality and their unique disposition. Short sized, they are easy to read and easy to recollect even after hours, days. Once they invade your mind, they will stay there for good.

Don’t pass the opportunity to be the heart of the party. Don’t miss the chance to impress with your humor the woman you have set your eyes on. Who doesn’t want to be remembered as the funny, interesting guy who made everyone laugh the other day? Who doesn’t believe that a good, short joke is a shot of brightness in a dark, difficult day in the office? And who doesn’t want to give a laugh to his children while all sitting on the couch, having some quality time together in the evening? Imagine your son’s pride, when he tells a successful joke at school and then rants to his friends that his cool dad first said it.

Now, laughter is in your hand. Reach and grab it. Download.

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