Justin + Selena

Justin + Selena

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Justin + Selena

Whether it be a night in a hotel together, pancakes for breakfast, romantic dates, or just fun at the beach, this young couple sure is fun to watch. We decided to add to the excitement by creating this new "Justin + Selena" app so you can learn all about these two while you are waiting in line at the grocery store or simply being taxied around town.

This new app, “Justin + Selena,” will give you a better look at these two young stars while they continue to make headlines together.

We have included:
* Biography info on both stars that include your typical info, such as birthdate, charities supported, companies created, and film lists. The biography also includes a reading from chinese horoscope and an in-depth analysis of both Justin and Selena in the modern zodiac
* Quotes from both stars
* Phone wallpapers to help solidify that you are a total FAN of Justin, Selena, and/or Justin + Selena!
* A comparison of likes/dislikes of both stars
* A news section

This is is a must-have app for all of Justin Bieber's fans, Selena Gomez's fans, and all of the budding ‘Justin + Selena’ fans!


What the fans are saying:

"I love this app. I didn't even know they were dating! This app got me up to date with all the info about Justin and Selena… This app makes me wonder if they will make it?"

"OMG!!! this app rocks, it's a must have."

"I can't believe Justin's moon sign is Libra! That is mine too!"

"This is the best Bieber app on the market."

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