Kamasutra 3D +HD(FULL)

Kamasutra 3D +HD(FULL)

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Author: creonic.lab

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Kamasutra 3D +HD(FULL) Kamasutra 3D +HD(FULL) Kamasutra 3D +HD(FULL) Kamasutra 3D +HD(FULL)

Description for Kamasutra 3D +HD(FULL)

Selected from the Kama Sutra poses that can repeat, without special training, and daily workouts at the gym ;)

you can:
- To revise their knowledge (if you have them);
- To improve their technique and try out new techniques;
- An answer to the questions you may have;
- Improve your libido;
- To make more acute your sex life;
- Wake up and keep you both mutual desire;
- And, finally, to do so, to a woman with whom you meet in life, groaning with desire, be an unforgettable lover ...

This application is totally realistic 3D graphics.

The application gives you the opportunity to dive into another world, a scene he has his own romantic atmosphere that is created by using three-dimensional graphics and effects there are also beautiful music.

You will be able to discover something new or rediscover forgotten old.
All positions can be freely scaled and rotated.

* Unique 3D scene;
* 3D-characters;
* This 3D-graphics.
* 45 items
* New woman
* No Banner

There is also the possibility of a surprise in the choice of poses for your love games ;)
All positions can be freely scaled and rotated.

*They will not be naked and would not move, because it's against the rules!
*Они не будут голыми и не будут двигаться, потому что это запрещено правилами, гугла!

Tags: sex, position, posture, directory, sex positions, Kama Sutra

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