Kamasutra 3D (Sex Positions)

Kamasutra 3D (Sex Positions)

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Kamasutra 3D (Sex Positions) Kamasutra 3D (Sex Positions) Kamasutra 3D (Sex Positions) Kamasutra 3D (Sex Positions)

Description for Kamasutra 3D (Sex Positions)

Get sensual inspiration for your sex life, and this in real time 3D! Get the original!

Sex Positions 3D is the first sex positions guide with exclusive 3D graphics designed for your Android device. Discover the millenary world of the Kamasutra and learn all about new related techniques and beyond. Sex Positions 3D contains dozens of sex positions tastefully illustrated. Learn about a new world of sensuality and surprise your partner thanks to this app!

An erotic experience in 3D.
- Use your finger to control the view and see what the position looks like in detail. Only Sex Positions 3D can convey such an accurate depiction of a love position!
- Get an even more accurate picture of the position by wearing 3D glasses!

Sensual inspiration.
- Get inspired by 50 of the most popular positions (more to come!)
- What are you in the mood for? Easily pick a position from one of the 7 different categories
- Let yourself be surprised with a random position!

The way to the perfect lover.
- Mark the positions already tried and rate them
- Move your preferred positions to the Favorites
- Want to try out a position this evening with your partner? Just put it on the to-do list!

This way you'll be able to achieve grandmastery of the Kamasutra in an awesome, pleasurable experience.

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