Kyusho Intimacy

Kyusho Intimacy

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Author: Interactive Motion, LLC

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Kyusho Intimacy Enhancement App is a unique reference that provides information and methods for increasing sensation, stimulation, and overall intimacy enhancement in the palm of your hand.

The first Android application of its kind! This program has been tested and practiced throughout the world for over 10 years in Kyusho International, the Leader in Pressure Point Arts. “Kyusho” literally translates as Vital Points and is the areas of the human body that we can get direct access to the central nervous system. Be it for self defense, healing or as in this program, for intimacy enhancement.

Certain nerves when properly stimulated can increase arousal. Others increase sensation as well in order to intensify and multiply human orgasm. This very simple approach can be used in common and benign actions such as having your hand around your partner’s waist, or in foreplay and continuing up through sexual intercourse.

This is a unique body of information and being released for the first time to the public in this application. It is a profound knowledge that will stand alone or in conjunction with other intimacy concepts such as the Kama Sutra positions, Intimate Massage or other Sexual Endeavors.

This first volume will start you on your way to becoming more intimate, pleasurable and satisfying for your partner. Developing a strong foundation and aptitude with this information will enhance not only your intimacy and skill, but it will begin your journey to deeper human experiences!

Kyusho Intimacy Enhancement provides detailed descriptions of use and graphics of required pressure points assisting the user towards improved sensation and pleasure. Videos will demonstrate the points in action, guided by a trained professional, showing the point location, the method of use, and the possible results.

Beautifully designed, Kyusho Intimacy Enhancement looks and functions as a real Android application.

- Read signs of arousal
- Subtly increase arousal
- Increase pleasurable sensations
- Intensify your partners Orgasm
- Multiply your Partners Orgasms
- Access and work with Arm Points in the hand & elbow
- Access and work with Head Points in the hair, ear, and neck
- Access and work with Body Points in the Chest, Centerline, Nipple, Ribs, Back, and Pelvis
- Access and work with Leg Points in the Inguinal Crease, Hips, Buttocks, Thigh, and Knee

- Only Android application of its kind
- Covers realistic methods that anyone can perform with little practice
- Clear images & graphics of point location for easy accessibility
- Full recipe text for easy intimacy enhancement methods
- Videos for all intimacy enhancement methods
- FREE unlimited backup & restore to Kyusho Intimacy Enhancement server

- Low price with lots of content
- This application will continue to offer additional intimacy enhancement methods through updates
- Interactive Motion is committed to providing the best Android applications.
- Usable interface and design

- Kyusho Intimacy will offer regular updates to better meet your needs including additional methods, additional graphics, and additional video resource

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