Lesbian Sex Positions

Lesbian Sex Positions

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Lesbian Sex Positions Lesbian Sex Positions Lesbian Sex Positions

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Lesbian sex positions is intended to inspire you to broaden your sexual repertoire. Our bodies have the absolute potential to feel a wide range of sensations. When we are more open to other kamasutra sex positions, we are more open to explore these various sensations. Each lovemaking experience is composed of intimate moments. These include physical, emotional, and intellectual moments.

Here are a few examples:

Sweet Touch
This position is one of the most erotic looking for same gender couples. Try to synchronize the movements of your pelvises in order to maximally enjoy the process of lovemaking.

Sun Kiss
The way you kiss you partner can say a lot about your true feelings toward her. Make these kisses hot and passionate. Add plenty of tongue but don't be too rough because the distance between pleasant and terrible sensation is very short.

Worshiping Venus
One of you stands on her knees and the other leans back while sitting on a bed, couch or other soft surface. It is better to spread legs in order to give your partner full excess. Relax and enjoy warms of your partner's lips and tongue.

As you read through these sex positions, you will see there are several different types. Some are more for sensation and more are designed more for arousal. Remember to always do what makes you and your lover most comfortable and happy. This Kama Sutra Lesbian guide is meant to help you with just that.

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