Let's Shojo Vol.1

Let's Shojo Vol.1

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Author: Ciro&Dany


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Let's Shojo Vol.1 Let's Shojo Vol.1 Let's Shojo Vol.1

Description for Let's Shojo Vol.1

Once upon a time there was a little girl who never knew love, until she met a boy.. but this is another shojo! :P

We’ll tell you the story of Sybil and Cloud forced by an author (obsessed with shojo manga) to perform every sort of shojo, but they should be able to count on the help of “The Brutes”…between a soccer game and another…
Will our heroes survive the shojo mangas?

"Let's Shojo” is a collection of one shots (stand-alone stories),in each one we will tell you about a different kind Shojo.

In this version you'll find "Genesis", "Let's Shojo", "Let's Maho", "Let's Yaoi", "Let's Gender Bender", "Let's Reverse harem", "Let's Psycho" and "Let's coffe break".


Warning: this comic occasionally contains strong language!

Coming soon: "Let's Ecchi"

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