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Life together : Forum Life together : Forum Life together : Forum Life together : Forum

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Relationship problems? Find comfort in the Couple psychology community and receive good advice!

★★★ The most reassuring application for couples ★★★

✓ Vote and comment on each message
✓ Explore all community messages
✓ Add friends and easily find their message
✓ Share on Facebook, Twitter, email or SMS

★ Categories ★

Here are the advice categories in the application:

✓ "Young couple": Mixed couple, inter-religious and group therapy
✓ "Couple games and life": Have a child/baby or be pregnant
✓ "Feelings": Feelings of hate, joy, anger against the other, self-esteem and self-confidence
✓ "Wellness": Feeling bad outside and inside, or in his/her relationship and in love
✓ "Problems": Financial and infidelities
✓ "Tips": For women, girls, men, husband, ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend
✓ "Deceit & Break-up": For crushes, depression & grief and to be able to forgive
✓ "Miscellaneous": Fear of marriage, long distance relationships, forgotten dating anniversary
✓ "Loveless": Mourning lovers, being lost and alone, anxiety starts here!
✓ "Depression": If you're burnt out, lacking conversation or have lost your desire

★ Recent discussions ★

> I love him but he doesn’t love me back: What can I do?

> In your view, is it preferable to be loved or feel loved?

> Do you think that love can make a person more jealous than ever before? Why?

> Who has ever had a crush on someone?

> What do you of think bi-sexual people?

> What do you think of long-distance relationships?

> Do you believe in male/female friendship?

> Hello my name is Jealousy and I'm here to destroy your happiness! Sound familiar?

> Snuggling up in the warm embrace of my man: priceless.

> My wife threatened to leave me because I'm addicted to Poker! But I see clearly her game, I'm sure she's bluffing! Nan?

> I miss him/her so much, I don’t know what to do!

> Who has already gone out again with his ex?

> I'm pregnant but I'm afraid to tell my boyfriend, what can I say?

> Is it possible to be violent and in love with a person at the same time?

> I've known her for less than 2 weeks and I think I'm already in love, why?

★ Stories / Tips ★

Women often worry about their appearance if they feel threatened, especially when their partner grows distant or becomes unfaithful. And when I ask them if they feel desired and desirable, they respond: "I gained some weight but my husband told me the problem was not there: he likes me the way I am."
Here's what women most often tell me:
- I do not follow my diet, can't lose weight
- I'm stuck in the rut, my life is dull and tasteless
- In any case, he ignores me and feels no desire for me
- My life is meaningless, I am unhappy
- My self-confidence is gone, I feel empty and wasted
How to regain self-confidence to move forward? Should we define prospects and motivations to attain your goals? Is losing weight really a priority? How about changing clothes or your look and style?

★ Definition ★

"The happy couple recognizes itself in love, knows no time or spatial bounds, is self-sufficient and enjoys total fulfillment."

Couple, male name
✓ Sense 1: A husband and wife, a man and a woman living together. Synonym husband English couple
✓ Sense 2: Two people bound by a feeling or common interest ... Synonym duo
✓ Sense 3: [Zoology] A male and a female, or two animals of the same species working together. Ex: A couple of parrots, a couple of horses.
✓ Sense 4: System of two opposing forces, parallel and of the same intensity

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