Lindsey Pro1

Lindsey Pro1

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Author: My Business Card inc.

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Lindsey Pro1 Lindsey Pro1

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I had this app created to try to raise money so that I can move out to California and try to achieve my Dream of becoming a actress. I don't have to be the next Angelina or Jessica Alba, I would just like to be able to say I did it, even if in only a bit part in a movie. I mean why not?
This is another pro version of my app with 20 pics and the ability to set my sexy pics as your wallpaper.
I have been told I was hot, pretty, beautiful, sexy, cute,and gorgeous. I have also been told I look good nude and naked. I have been asked on several occasions to be in porn and xxx movies but I have not been offered near enough money yet. You be the judge.
If you like what you see plz buy the other apps for many more pics :)

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