LMFAO News Videos Pictures

LMFAO News Videos Pictures

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LMFAO News Videos Pictures LMFAO News Videos Pictures LMFAO News Videos Pictures LMFAO News Videos Pictures LMFAO News Videos Pictures LMFAO News Videos Pictures

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Are you a huge fan of the band “LMFAO”  ?  If you are there number one
fan, you will download this app.  In this app you will get everything
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Red Foo ( Stefan Kendal Gordy ) from “LMFAO” and Skyblu (Skyler Austen
Gordy) which is Redfoo’s nephew created this electropop duo,  The
original name of the band was Sexe Dude.   They change this name on
advice from there Grandmother to LMFAO which meant “laughing  my
fucking ass off” in internet slang, but the real meaning was “loving
my friends and others” .  They got signed to the record label “
interscope” 2008.  There pop music is referred to as “party rock”
which is a theme of partying and drinking.


“LMFAO” released  “party rock ep” in the itunes store on July 1, 2008.
 They then released the full album on July 7, 2008.  On the Billboard
200 they charted #33 and then placed number 2 on the U.S. Dance Chart.
 There single, “I’m In Miami Bitch” released in December 2008, hit the
Billboard Hot 100 chart and peaked at #51.  It was also ranked No. 37
in Canada.  If you want to know the more recent bio info about LMFAO
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If you want to get LMFAO tour dates, listen to LMFAO Albums, Or watch
YouTube Videos of LMFAO then this is your app.  You can also view
there official website, see tons of there pictures or photo albums or
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there Wiki, see what LMFAO stands for then this app is a must have.


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