LoReMo - Deals & Rewards

LoReMo - Deals & Rewards

Downloads: 5,000 - 10,000

Price: FREE

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Author: LoReMo Solutions

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LoReMo - Deals & Rewards LoReMo - Deals & Rewards LoReMo - Deals & Rewards LoReMo - Deals & Rewards LoReMo - Deals & Rewards LoReMo - Deals & Rewards LoReMo - Deals & Rewards LoReMo - Deals & Rewards

Description for LoReMo - Deals & Rewards

LoReMo is an engagement and loyalty program that just works!
It is meant to maximise the benefits you get out of your
shopping experience, while solving some core problems with
existing programs.

No more carrying of multiple loyalty cards, filling up of lengthy
registration forms, spam emails and SMS's,

LoReMo's proposition can be best described as -

1. Hassle free - a single sign-up process, enables you to earn
points and rewards across establishments of all partner merchants.

2. Fruitful engagement - earn points for entering and exploring
stores. Not to mention, for the purchases you make.

3. Transparency - keep track of your reward points at any time.
Get a history of your points transactions.

4. Instant gratification - get immediate notification of unlocked
rewards, while having a clear picture of the rewards which you
can unlock soon.

5. Relevancy - only receive information about deals which are targeted
to you based on your sign-up information. No spam, no fuss!

6. Direct feedback - you will have a clear channel of communicating
with the merchant. Share your experiences with a few taps.

7. Spread the word - make use of your Facebook or Twitter platforms
to tell your friends about interesting deals and rewards.

And all this is absolutely free for you!

How to use?

Enter any of the LoReMo enabled stores of our partner merchants. Look
for the LoReMo check-in kiosk/point which will have a QR code displayed,
launch the app, tap the scan icon, point your camera at the QR code,
and voila, you've got points!

After a purchase, ask the sales exec to hand you over a LoReMo slip. This
slip will have a QR code image. Do the same as above, and earn points!

Basically - keep an eye out for LoReMo's QR codes. Scan them and earn

And what about these permissions?

1. WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - to cache some of the data. This reduces the
load on your data connection. You download less.

2. INTERNET - oh well, the internet is what drives the whole thing.
LoReMo is a hosted solution.

3. ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION, ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION - to have a general idea about location. This will be used for selecting deals and rewards info meant for that city as well as, for checking-in to the stores near you.

4. ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - this helps the app notify you when there's
no internet connection available to your phone.

5. CAMERA - used for scanning purpose.

6. VIBRATE - to provide an add-on means to notify you, along with
audio cues.

7. FLASHLIGHT - this will come in handy when the ambient light is
too low for a proper scan.

For more information, do visit the product website, or send us a mail.

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