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Just play the game at home hostesses, pocket money when I can GET ♪ they
Only part-time job girl! Super easy ♪ ★ Introducing

ヽ income that they get a game with just a few minutes Sun 1 (≧ ω ≦) ノ

Love "? ! "ヽ hostesses are state-of-the-art is a social game super ☆ would also get pocket money while enjoying the popular social game ('ー`) ノ

♪ we'll aim to Miss Ganbaro No.1 Cave and go into a shop across the country to cabaret

The higher the level, while the hospitality, ♪ I would buy dresses and accessories luxury foreign cars, luxury brand of clean

Or accompanied with our customers, and get a gift, such as day-to-day the same as the real hostess but she woke up in the game (* '∇ `) b

UP up also by the amount I pay if I tried my best! And every day is payday (≧ ω ≦)

Love "? ! The calculation yen 1pt5, accumulated points in the "hostesses are Cha You may submit a request for payment to your specified account ★

♪ Let Ja I had earned pocket money transformed into one Sumaho hostesses

■ □ ■ how to make pocket money is super easy ■ □ ■

When you complete the (practice) tutorial easy to register to Cave love, game hostess finally start!

Win pocket money is just full ♪ We are a customer service or battle

How to earn pocket money lots more! Select hostesses ネ life was in you ☆

◆ get pocket money to Comp gems!
You can earn points that can be redeemed with the Comp Collect gems scattered in love Cave.
Gem ♪ Let him that he will not get deprived Chai from other hostesses Battle

◆ Get money with presents!
When friends are visiting cabaret as customers, users and men may get a gift. You can earn points that can be redeemed for money every time I got a gift.

◆ Get money with dating!
You can earn points and named by the date from the user as well as the men present.
In fact, because I have not seen in the game of course dating (≧ ω ≦)

◆ get pocket money to UP treasure photos and videos!
Kore biggest source of income! Chance of mass compensation GET UP by photos and videos of your game for [Male only] Kore beauty!

We support you girls chat live chat because the industry's largest full backup

It's peace of mind because even beginners full hour support 24 ①! It can be consulted at any time by phone and e-mail!
OK daily payment ②! ♪ You will be credited as salary at any time when you want to apply for
There is no compulsory quota ③.!
It does not take any and all expenses are also available initial cost ④! ♪ is because NO RISK $ 0.00 (zero)

◆ ◆ ◆ I recommend this hotel

On facebook GREE and Mobage social game, mixi and the person who I got bored!
If you have a longing to hostesses
Are more professional hostesses
I want a friend who can speak freely lover friends and friends and Mel
Those looking for a stay-at-home sideline
I think that people who want to earn money with Mobile One
Spare time is very short, but, I mean those who want to earn pocket money in the meantime
I get bored I boring homework! Those who
If you're playing a game to pass the time
Who I want to play free games

Registration just one minute! Once you have downloaded the app in Cave love, you can start at any time simply love Cave.

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