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Feel the force of love and use it to sway hearts with the wonderful and romantic app Love Sayings!

Do you feel that love is in the air and you want to affirm yourself or that lucky person?

We heard it a lot, all you need is love. Love makes the world go round. But why not show it? When you love someone the best thing to do is to show that person how you feel, without restraints and without asking for something in return. Celebrate the almighty power of love by sharing some love quotes that would melt a heart of stone, may it be through words, SMS, private message, love letter, or email, let us open our hearts and shout to the world how we feel.

“This app is like a warm cup of chocolate filled with marshmallows on a winter night.” – Barbara V.

Love Sayings gives you a heart-warming collection of love quotes from people who had been in love, who are currently in love, and looking for love.

The love quotes are sensual, heart-warming, sweet, and real. Exactly like how we feel when having our first kiss. All the quotes, when combined, cover all aspects and areas that make love so hard to describe because of its universality. You can browse through all of them and choose which quote deserves or describes your current emotion, or what will fit your situation. Find the words to express what your heart has been dying to say, make the person you love feel special and wanted more than anything in the world, it’s only fair, if he or she gave you the wonderful feeling of being in love, that person deserves the world.

The Strongest Thing in the World

• When you can define the greatest pain in life

• No matter how good looking or rich you are

• The inner light in sad realities

No Pain no Gain

• When getting hit in the face with a hammer seems tame

• When freedom is the hardest thing you will ever have to face

• The only thing left to do aside from crying

There is only one thing that all beings should experience at least even once in their lives. It’s being in love and be loved in return. I know many of you can relate to this, the stirring feeling, the butterflies in your stomach, the uncontrollable banging of your heart beat. You want to go up a building and scream your lungs out, declare you love for someone. It is when you’re the type of person who hates labels but deep in your head all you want to do is call him or her your boyfriend or girlfriend. It is when empty sex gets overrated and you want a serious relationship instead, because a very special individual changed how you think and feel. Being in love is the best feeling in the world, and showing or telling what’s in your heart is the thing that fuels this very special feeling.

Love, the most universal thing given to us, the most powerful, the most important that shifts hearts, changes a nation and remove hate from every society. That is love. Love brings us joy and contentment, it gives meaning to everything we do, and reason to live day by day. It may sometimes bring us pain and all sorts of hardship, but it is the only thing in the world that’s worth hurting and fighting for. Whether it may be a relationship with a friend, a relationship with a lover, a relationship with your family and even a relationship with your enemy, there’s an overflowing emotion that needs to be shared, and the simplest things matter, the simplest ways to show your love to another person can now be in your hands.

I love you, now I said it. Now go and find the words to tell your loved one with Love Sayings, download now!

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