Lust - An outdated woman

Lust - An outdated woman

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Author: Word Audio

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Lust - An outdated woman Lust - An outdated woman

Description for Lust - An outdated woman

Audiobook. One erotic short story about endless lust, passion and desire.
Length : 25:35min.

I have to go to him now. I walk over and trip on those cans, take his paintbrush away, pull my hand through his hair, and it is thick and soft and it smells … what is that smell? Turpentine mixed with flower shampoo and a young boy, young man, hormones, something that smells so incredibly good, my husband never smells like that, now come here you dark-eyed man and kiss me, give yourself to me, release me, awaken me, paint me and immortalize me, imprint yourself on me.
This book contains explicit language.

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