Make Small Talk Sexy

Make Small Talk Sexy

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Make Small Talk Sexy Make Small Talk Sexy Make Small Talk Sexy Make Small Talk Sexy Make Small Talk Sexy

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The "Conversation Escalation: Make Small Talk Sexy" by Bobby Rio aims to provide men with ideas on how to have more fun, engaging, sexual conversations without having to worry about what to say next, your mind going blank,or awkwardly stalling out.

Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:
- How to structure your conversations.
- A "conversation technique" you must use in every conversation
- A simple tactic that you can use to immediately demonstrate that you are a "player" in this game
- The reason most guys completely blow it with "cocky/funny.
- 3 "mindset shifts" that when you implement them you will finally rid yourself of those "little voices" that have been sabotaging your conversations with women
- 15 minutes a day that will improve how you relate to women
- The reasons that conversations hit "lulls" and how to keep the conversation flowing with these 3 simple techniques
- Why most guys wind up "irritating" a woman within minutes of talking
- A simple "discreet" phrase you can say to a woman that will force her to imagine you in a "sexual way" without coming across as a creep or weirdo
- 6-step "formula" that guarantees the conversation flows smoothly
- A simple "conversation trick"
- 12 topics that you can use to actually engage women in conversation
- The main reason why a woman will flake out
- Universal "lifeboats" that can be slotted in conversation when your mind goes blank
- How to abruptly change the topic on a woman who is treading into "interview mode" in a way that demonstrates your both "spontaneous" and "fun"
- The 5 "critical" signals you must look for to know if you should "eject" from a conversation.
- How to control that nervous, "chemical reaction"
- Why most conversations die out almost instantly
- The single biggest turn off that you can display to a woman
- An "opening" technique you can use to screen women to find out within minutes if they are the type of woman you will get along with
- 3 simple techniques to instantly display an incredible sense of humor to the woman you are talking to.
- How giving women "mental challenges" in a way that keeps them engaged in the conversation
- How to let the girl know that this isn't a friendly conversation and you're looking for something more and this is a "flirtatious" interaction
- What to do if you are "touching" a woman and she isn't giving you any sort of reaction
- The 3 stages of "touching" and how to quickly move through them
- How to respond and not seem "overeager" when a woman compliments you
- The 6 "Come Hither" Sexual Signals given by women already in "seduction mode"
- How to spot the "social dead ends"
- Method for never running out of things to say.
- 4 Simple ways to "bait" a woman in a way that will have her practically begging you to keep talking
- 6 Story telling techniques learned from reality television
- How to quickly get into the woman's "model of the world"
- The truth about "passion" and how to display it.
- 8 things you can do in the first 10 minutes of talking to a woman that will make her like you
- Examples of "sexualized" teasing
- Why "role plays" are the most underutilized technique out there
- A trick I learned from my time working as real estate salesman
- 3 Simple Ways to test her touching "comfort threshold" without putting yourself in danger of being the "creepy guy"
- The quickest way to kill your escalation "momentum"
- An innocent "touching" technique that is a surefire way to know if she is feeling any attraction toward you
- How to handle it when a girl turns her cheek when you go for the kiss
- How to play down mistakes
- How to master "situational timing"

What You Get:
Conversation Escalation: Make Small Talk Sexy

Bonus Items:
- Confidential Social Intelligent Manuscript
- one month membership to the "Social Training Lab" Mentorship Program
- "Special Reports" on Cold Reading, Palm Reading and Astrology, and Persuasive Mind Tricks
- Live Infield "Hidden Microphone" Pickup w/ Interview Commentary

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