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We left early for work , traffic congestion and we face a thousand tasks to do . Results : came back home with the body pretty sore . The chores are there , waiting for us . Bath and sofa are almost never enough for us to relax. The bed is not the best medicine . It is exactly at this time we think : my kingdom for a massage ! And if we can not go to a massage therapist , is the option we use an electric massager . then with this idea we thought of creating this app to be quick to do it anywhere .
Circulatory Action : It acts by activating blood circulation , thus there will be a better distribution of vitamins , proteins and oxygen to all the cells of our body and can prevent or resolve issues caused by poor blood flow and , consequently , lack of nutrients and oxygen required for the proper functioning of cells , eg cramps , fatigue , etc. .

Physiological action : acts on peristáticos movements of the body, avoiding viciroptose ( crushing bowel from the stomach ) and also in lung bronchi , facilitating expectoration , respiratory , etc. .

Neurological Action : It acts on the neurons ( nerve cells ) relaxing the central nervous system . Fighting insomnia , stress , neurasthenia and symptoms of irritation in general, introducing the physiological sleep .

Aesthetic Action : Acts on cellulite , sagging and culottes ( prolonged use ) a vibration emanating uniform magnetic waves that activate the lymphatic chain , preventing fatty deposits from forming and some cases even reducing existing .

Therapeutic Action : Acts on the distribution of nutrients from the normal diet and also remedies , facilitating the action of organic substances needed revitalization .

Preventive action : Acts preventing various problems that arise in the body , such as circulatory problems , fat , flab , varicose veins , stresses caused by excessive work and everyday worries .

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