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Match & Meet

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Match & Meet, or M&M, (nope, not related to any yummy colorful candies out there) is a delicious DATING app that will finally (and hopefully) end your partner/lover/associate/soulmate drought.

M&M is very simple to use because everything you ever imagined in a dating app is already here. All you have to do is register, activate, search... and Voila! You're good to go!

Whether you are looking for that elusive soul mate or someone for the friend-zone (naughty you!), M&M lets you take your pick by bringing some fun and love into your life.

On Match and Meet, individuals are matched via their zodiac signs and birth year compatibility; No more endlessly browsing for candidates through thousands (or in some cases, millions) of pictures! This means users will get to know the characters, backgrounds & personality traits of their matched partner first rather than being influenced by pictures!

Unlock achievements after going through certain milestones in a stage-by-stage development tier in your relationship until you can one day be the KING.

For some, their fates are written in the stars.
What about you?

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