Melee Combat Master

Melee Combat Master

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Melee Combat Master Melee Combat Master Melee Combat Master Melee Combat Master Melee Combat Master Melee Combat Master

Description for Melee Combat Master

It is a good thing that you are a melee combat master because you can protect yourself and your family or others when you meet some danger such as robbing.

Most people think that melee combat is just using hands or short cold weapons. In fact, according to the study of scientists, submachine gun or tommy gun is the best weapon for melee combat. You may not understand why sub is the best choice. It is very powerful in a short distance and it can use to defend others’ attack. If you also have a cold weapon, you will be the best melee combat master.

Melee Combat Master is a free android app which can train you to be the best melee combat master.

1. It can teach you how to use a sub gun to hit static and moving targets.

2. It collects many different sub guns which are from different countries.

3. It also can let you learn how to use some cold weapons such as sword, whip and hidden weapons and so on.

4. It supports you to participate in actual fight and the precondition is that you are a VIP.

5. The sound of shooting in this app is very realistic.

6. You will feel that you seem to grasp a real sub gun in your hand.

Do you want to know more about this app?

1. All the guns included in this app are from United States, Italy, Germany and France and so on. You need choose a country before you choose your gun.

2. You can get training in this app and you will be train to hit static and moving targets. The moving targets will be cars, boats, helicopters and other moving objects.

3. The cold weapons in a melee combat are very useful. You can learn how to use sword, whip, hidden weapons and slap.

4. If you want to participate in a real fight, you can be a VIP. The campaign and events can provide this service.

5. You will love the sound and vibration of a real sub gun.

Everyone wants to protect his or her families when meeting danger. Most of time, we cannot make it because we are not strong enough. Now you can learn melee combat to strong yourself. Melee Combat Master is a good teacher which will train you to master melee combat.

You should know that Melee Combat Master can also be used as a shooting game. You can make a contest with your friends and families to know who the best shooter is. You will love this cool shooting game.

Melee Combat Master is an android gun game in a way which you can play many different types sub guns. All these sub guns are famous in the history and today.

After you try this app, you will know why I recommend it to you if you are gun fan or you want to be stronger.

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