mezmashi Akihabara

mezmashi Akihabara

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mezmashi Akihabara mezmashi Akihabara mezmashi Akihabara mezmashi Akihabara

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Wake me in the daily application is causing the maid cosplay cute and summary ★ ★. The staff made alarm, alarm vo1 Costumes, Deluxe Edition from carefully selected vol2! I made a cute alarm clock feature introduced ★ · ★ "cosplay Alarm" will appear in a daily alarm screen. "Cosplay alarm" We are not hiding in the face with alarm, and silence the alarm, you can see a face and profile. • The alarm quickly gauge in place, representing the time for the alarm to get up from the start, "Gage happening now" is also displayed. "Gage happening now" and less "Made alarm" will become increasingly smaller display. When you place immediately silence the alarm index · represents the time from beginning to occur and the alarm index "happening now" informs. The shorter the time to stop the alarm index "happening soon" will be larger. Tweet your parent / • The idea to set up a Twitter account tweet feature, when setting the alarm message "Good Night (tweet parents)", and when the alarm stop message "Good morning (your tweets)" and "Index happening now" Auto post to Twitter you. Messages can be freely set to 30 characters.

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