Moe! Her 02 production

Moe! Her 02 production

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Moe! Her 02 production Moe! Her 02 production Moe! Her 02 production Moe! Her 02 production Moe! Her 02 production

Description for Moe! Her 02 production

Hard-won, I established a production plant Android.
What? I work because I also president of small business?
Where they want! I'm from this factory mass production factory of dream android girl!
Or change the costume of the employee along with the plant manager, I aim at the factory of the world's Android change the pose of "chairman" of unnecessary positions!

From this point of the plant, I, I will introduce Yumi Ja Chi Amagasaki.
Pointing at the plant confirmed ①! ?
Work, the president of the plant and equipment investment, is to ship Android.
Can be full, please I do Zubaba~tsu Innovation at once.
Ah, but we loath Android leaks voice at that time, it is not I a Oshigoto Nde care ☆
② Android Yoridori green! ?
Target production of plant species is the type 30.
At first I is about one or two, we will increase capital investment.
The last law but is so difficult ... quite. Shall we go to steady?
③ man is often earn beans! ?
Production rate, but raised in the factory, and eventually president soon!
Closer to the goal that much work properly if the president!
Let 's also my best for the employees ☆

Pretty cute boys inevitable Moe with illustrations!
Those who are interested in doujin games and original games Please, try by all means.
Rapidly clear the game with a simple operation!
Pretty pulp should be feeling that brave anymore! ? Moe is a cute girl to Geki.
Although there are number apps Moe, applications that really should be little tighter and tighter!
Trying to enjoy the android made to mass production in her feelings Moe!

Is required to run adobe Air.

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