Moe lavender paper

Moe lavender paper

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Author: SUMASO

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Moe lavender paper Moe lavender paper Moe lavender paper Moe lavender paper

Description for Moe lavender paper

In the accommodation section of Himuka fleet flagship of Sirius II comes with the Galactic Federation, lavender was looking for a colleague Paula. Location of Paula, but I can easily see if you contact the Hitokotonushi of AI shipboard, is it that the taste for the inconvenience outside of work is not used, so play in vogue in secret between the operator team fixed-point observation planet girls was. Lavender went into her room looking for Paula, Paula found the information terminal.
"Oh, this is Another crisis. Was touched when I would start, what is this? Of data, let's do Another crisis. It is the terminal of Paula"
Lavender is innocent under the guise of the wind, without permission of Paula data terminal
I started watching.
"What happened, or is not Bakkari What should I do my video data. Paula do you like that at all of how much I"
"It does not seem to go Another crisis, when did what was taken. Just will not image why underwear is visible, and does not check to chitin and Paula once"
Murmur aloud so the amount of lavender, I was floating mark of the wrath of chitin and cross.

Moe is the wallpaper of cute girl.
Reacts with the touch. Please enjoy the variety and.

• If you press the button [terminal] with the buttons at startup, wallpaper setting is possible.
• If you press the button [girl], for the girl angle will change.
· If you leave it without touching for 2 minutes, it switches to display the screen saver.
• When you flick the screen to the left or right, like button girl, beautiful girl will turn angle for the Rabbit.

[Moe] paper series
Moe paper is characterized as follows: for each series.

[Paper Moe (Moekami)]
Touch wallpaper

[+ (MoekamiPlus) paper Moe]
Increase motion version

[Paper Moe + + (MoekamiDoublePlus)]
Tilt sensor support. You peek from bottom to top.

[+ R Moe paper (MoekamiPlusR)]
Additional versions sexy erotic motion Choi

Pretty cute girl daughter Moe move LiveWallpaper touch

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