Moe! Mass production girl

Moe! Mass production girl

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Author: androidroid

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Moe! Mass production girl Moe! Mass production girl Moe! Mass production girl Moe! Mass production girl Moe! Mass production girl

Description for Moe! Mass production girl

After all the hardships, I created an android manufacturing factory.
Huh? It's a small business so even I, the boss, have to work?
It's just as I wished! 'Cause this factory mass produces dreamy beautiful android girls.
I'll change the employee's clothes with the factory manager, change the poses of the unnecessary "chairwoman" position, and aim for the best android factory in the world!

Then from here I'll introduce myself, the factory manager Chiyumi Amagasaki.
① Point and call them out at the factory!?
The boss's job is investing capital in the factory and shipping the androids out.
You're in the position to do a lot so get to work at once please.
Oh, that time the androids spoke awfully but it's your job so don't mind it! ☆
②Pick and choose androids!?
The factory has 30 target types for production.
At first there's about 1~2 types but the capital investments will increase.
It'll get harder and harder near the end but... shall we go ahead?

③Loyal men earn a lot!?
I can raise the production speed at the factory but in the end it depends on the boss!
Only if the boss does his job right can we get close to reaching our goal!
Let's work hard for all the employees ☆

It's inevitable for a boy to be infatuated with a drawing of a cute girl!
Those interested in group games or original games definitely should try it.
You'll quickly finish the same with its easy controls!
You expect beautiful girls to already be melting for the hero!? It's a sexy moe to a cute girl.

Adobe Air is necessary to play.
This app is in English. "Moe!Her 01 production. "



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