Moe Moe Sweeper4

Moe Moe Sweeper4

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Author: Cross Field Inc.

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Moe Moe Sweeper4 Moe Moe Sweeper4 Moe Moe Sweeper4

Description for Moe Moe Sweeper4

Is a game Minesweeper app can enjoy beautiful girl in the illustration of "Sweeper Moe Moe".

If you clear a stage, open all the mass of the bomb not been placed, illustrations will be added to the gallery.

For the best score is recorded, can play as many times as aiming to record even after you clear all stages.

The game itself is so Minesweeper, the game is perfect for killing time.

There is also the ability to restart from the middle, you can play in their spare time with a swoop.

To scale the screen, let's play with easy-to-read size.
Let's flag the block to be expected based on the number that appears, while rotating the intelligence and luck, and would have hidden a bomb.

Using the points accumulated, you can release the new stage.
Earn points naturally if you play over and over and who is good at Minesweeper.

☆ depending on the evaluation of the mark, may change the gallery! ?

■ How to Play
It consists of a rectangular field of mass of the square was paved.

Each mass can be opened by tapping.

The mass was held is a number that represents how many bombs there are trout in the direction of the mass of eight bomb, or around each of which has been drawn.

You win and opened the mass loss at the time of the bomb is located, if all the mass Akere not been placed in a bomb.

When the mine has not been placed in the adjacent mass, they can be opened automatically.

■ how to proceed
We will promote the game in the position of the bomb that expected from a number, touch the block.

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