My Ringtone Master

My Ringtone Master

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Author: Chu Chong

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My Ringtone Master My Ringtone Master My Ringtone Master My Ringtone Master My Ringtone Master My Ringtone Master

Description for My Ringtone Master

My Ringtone Master is a great master who can change your ringtone and record your voice and edit one song as your ringtone. You can have your own personalized ringtone and you can make ringtones for your family and friends. Using your own ringtone is a proud thing.

Want to know more details of this app?

1. Now let us talk about the recording function first. You can find a record button when you touch the call button or alarm or notification button. Touch the record button and you will find a new page which is used to record your voice. You can use the start and stop buttons to make a record and then don’t forget to make a name or set it as your ringtone.

2. Second, I believe that you want to know more about the edit function. In the more button, you will find the ring editor which can help you enter a edit page. In the edit page, you should import a song and then you can edit it as you like. Choosing the start time and ending time then make a name or set it as your own ringtone.

3. There are a lot of other functions of this ringtone maker or ringtone editor. You can set anyone sound on your mobile phone as your ringtone and before you set you can audition it. This app also allows you to assign one ringtone to some one contact. Therefore, different contacts in your mobile phone will have different call ring.

4. The volume of different types of ringtones can be adjusted in one page which is very easy and simple. When you touch the volume button on the page you will get the detailed information of different kinds of ringtones.

5. There are four modes of ringtones designed to you. The four modes are ring only, vibrate, ring and vibrate and silent. You can set your mode on the basic of the practice.

My Ringtone Master is called master because of its powerful functions and its simple operation.

My Ringtone Master contains the content of many other ringtone maker and ringtone editor apps so that it almost can realize all the settings of your mobile phone ringtones.

There is no another free ringtone maker or free ringtone editor which can provide so many functions. In a way, this is the best free ringtone maker for android.

I believe you must want to find a good ringtone maker to make your own ringtones and they are all free ringtones. My Ringtone Master is your best choice and it will not let you down.

I hope you can use it to create or edit new ringtones and you will share them with your family and friends.

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