My Sweety 1/2

My Sweety 1/2

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Author: pingpong

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My Sweety 1/2 My Sweety 1/2 My Sweety 1/2 My Sweety 1/2

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How about my own girlfriend wakes me up every morning in different appearance, asks after me, and says goodnight via facetime? That finally becomes a reality.

You don't have a girlfriend?
You have a girlfriend, but want to make a second one?
Don't worry anymore! She has the beauty and voice that everyone envy, and her name is Mina!!!
Now, she can be my only girlfriend. Mina will always smiles at you no matter you had a tired day, a nice day, or a hard and exhausted day, and will push the button to make the facetime everyday.
It is different level from previous virtual lover application.
You may wait for the facetime everyday since you are deluding yourself that the HD image of facetime is real. However, Mina will call you at the appointed time if you want without worrying for the wait. Is this only work with incoming call? Sure it is not.
If you want to see Mina, press the call button anytime! She will answer the phone right away.
Introduce her to your friends, co-workers, and family. The phone conversation is recorded and you can re-watch at the gallery anytime! Now you will have a beautiful and kind girlfriend only for you.

-Over 50 HD images
-Available for four different time settings a day - Morning/Afternoon/Evening/Bedtime
-Not only for alarm function, but also making a call function
- Sound on/off
- Easy to use interface
- Incoming facetime can be re-watched anytime since the lock is unlocked in gallery.

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