MyTube EX:Download Videos

MyTube EX:Download Videos

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MyTube EX:Download Videos MyTube EX:Download Videos MyTube EX:Download Videos MyTube EX:Download Videos MyTube EX:Download Videos MyTube EX:Download Videos MyTube EX:Download Videos MyTube EX:Download Videos MyTube EX:Download Videos

Description for MyTube EX:Download Videos

Download many videos and images in one go so you can enjoy them later on even when offline!
[MyTube] is an easy-to-use downloader and offline content player application that downloads media files such as videos, images, and PDFs so you can view them later on.

Main Functionality

- Saves and plays/displays media files such as PDFs, videos, and images.
- Keeps a download history.
- Notifies you when downloads are finished.
- Plays videos from within the application with its built-in player functionality.
- Displays related videos.


- Supported OS: Android 2.X to 4
- Supports 16 different languages: Japanese, English, Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), German, Italian, Turkish, Spanish, Vietnamese, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, Thai, French, Indonesian, and Korean.

Built-in Browser Functionality

- Streaming playback functionality such as for YouTube, Niconico Douga, Dailymotion, and FC2 Douga.
- Allows you to select between video/web searches.
- Allows you to make an intent call with the browser's search content.
- Site bookmarking functionality.

You can also have fun using this application in the following ways:

- Watch your downloaded/stored videos offline as many times as you like and anywhere you want, even while on the move or underground.
- As it supports various formats such as mp4 and mp3, you can also play the videos on other video/music players.
- Enjoy image videos of gravure idols.
- Enjoy at any time addictive videos such as Play Douga, Jykkyo, Danced It, Sang It, Did It, or Work BGM.
- Search for artists, singers, idols, voiceover artists, live bands and concerts, or karaoke videos.
- Save anime theme tunes, MAD movies, opening (OP)/ending (ED) credit videos, etc.

Even more useful functionality! How you have fun with this application is up to you:

- Its useful browser functionality allows you to browse content as usual, and use bookmarks.
- Store and view Jykkyo content within the application, including popular Jykkyo movies and singers from the Niconico Douga rankings, [[[VOCALOID]]]s such as Hatsune Miku, and Jykkyo content such as Nico Nama.
- Download and save your favorite Internet videos, images, or PDF files, and play/display them offline.
- Enjoy videos, anime, TV dramas, music clips (promotional videos) with lyrics, or popular Jykkyo videos and singers from Niconico Douga, VOCALOIDs such as Hatsune Miku, Jykkyo content such as Nico Nama, and video sites such as Dailymotion.
- Download and cache sound files of movie files such as movies/videos/mp4s, so you can play them even when offline.
- It also supports streaming content, so you can save streaming videos and watch them later.

Future Developments

- Save search history
- Create/save playlist
- Support for background playback
- Support for additional languages
- URL input
- Save playback history
- Repeat playback
- Share your favorite pages (Twitter, LINE, Facebook)
- Widget functionality

If you need any help:

Q. Playback stops frequently/completely.
A. Please do not use this application in locations with bad signal or connectivity.

Q. Cannot play videos.
A. Press and hold the power button to restart your device. Force killing the application using a task killer can cause it to malfunction. Please do not force kill the application.

Please send us any other queries or requests via our contact form, Twitter, or Facebook.

Important Notes on Usage

* YouTube content cannot be saved in line with YouTube's terms and conditions of use.


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- Twitter
- Google+

- Contact us

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