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Laugh your bum off with the hilarious Naughty Jokes! It’s so fun being dirty!

Do you love dirty humor? Or just plain bored?

When there is nothing better to do, you can amuse yourself with the dirtiest, silliest, funniest jokes there is. We all have that green minded side in all of us. It is like a thirst that needs to be sated once in awhile, that’s why we bring you Naughty Jokes, your cool source of laughter which you can also share with your friends!

“This stuff is crazy! It left me laughing and blushing at the same time.” – A. Webster

Collected from all over the internet, these sex jokes are some of the funniest you’ll ever hear. Not too long, and not too short, these jokes are just the right length; and any woman will tell you, it’s tough finding something of the right length!

Amaze and impress your friends with your knowledge of dirty jokes. Become the person people go to for a quick laugh. Keep your co-workers guessing with what you’ll say next...these jokes are perfect for people who enjoy being the center of attention. Share one with the cop who pulled you over and see if it’ll get you out of a ticket. Share one with your bartender and see if it’ll get you a drink on the house. Maybe even share one with the boss and see if he’ll leave you alone for the day...just don’t be surprised if he starts going around the office telling people that he came up with it!

Why Oh Why?

• The similarities between a condom and a camera

• Washing machine trumps a woman

• Blood banks and sperm banks.

Ouch that’s a Burn!

• The ultimate form of rejection for a guy to experience.

• The elephant and the blind man

• What are men most afraid of?

The jokes and many more, are all in this little app. You’ll be making people crack up as fast as you can download this thing. Keep these jokes in your mobile device and take them with you wherever you go...whether you’re hanging out with your buddies, meeting co-workers for drinks after work, or meeting the parents of your love interest (okay...just kidding about that last one). But these jokes aren’t just fun for sharing with your friends, you’ll get a kick out of them even if you’re all alone. When was the last time you could have so much time all alone?

But why should you download this app? Becoming funnier and being seen as the life of the party is one, and because laughter is good for your health. Yup...this app could keep you healthier by inducing bouts of ab strengthening chuckles and stress reducing giggles...whenever and wherever you want.

It’s time to be that person with an awesome sense of humor. Download now and start laughing your dirty little mind off! Just don’t share them with people who think you’re more mature than you really are; or your image may be ruined.

No matter what social situation you find yourself in, this app will deliver the goods you need to keep life interesting. Variety, as they say, is the spice of life...and the variety of all these naughty jokes is enough to turn any bad day into a slightly less of a bad day. What else are you going to do in your cubicle all day; work? Puh-leeese!

And do you want to know another great use for these sex jokes? Pick out a couple of the naughty ones and text them to your girlfriend or boyfriend to break the ice and introduce the idea of getting naughty yourselves.

Can you believe it! A joke app that can improve your sex life? Give it a shot, and see if it works for you. Just be careful not to send one of the more insulting jokes, as it could have the exact opposite effect. And for the love of all that is sacred, PLEASE double check the number you’re texting before you press send.

Stop wasting your time on these silly sales pitches and just click the download button now!

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