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Cultural attitudes towards oral sex range from disgust to reverence: in Ancient Rome, fellatio was considered profoundly taboo, whereas in Chinese Taoism, cunnilingus is revered as a spiritually fulfilling practice that is believed to enhance longevity.In modern Western culture, oral sex is widely practised among adolescents and adults.

Oral sex had been considered to be a taboo or at least frowned upon in many cultures and parts of the world. People give various reasons for this. Some say that this sexual act does not lead to procreation and is therefore not natural. Others claim that it is a humiliating and/or unclean practice (an opinion that is, at least in some cases, connected with the symbolism attached to different parts of the body). This has been more or less the case in Christian and Sub-Saharan African cultures, and Ancient Rome. Similar lines of reasoning have been espoused by some modern religious authorities in Islamic cultures (wikipedia). Learn about porn, xxx, various sex positions, foreplay ...etc.
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