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Nomadax is built on a Nomad’s lifestyle. Wherever you go you have the nearby community in the palm of your hand.

Key Features:
• Send and Receive Photos & Videos from other users.
• Shout-Out- Send a messages to users within 5 miles. Great way to see who’s out there!
• Group IM: Chat with a group of your friends or Strangers.
• Chat-In: Stay connected by getting notified when someone posts a message in your favorite Group IM Session.
• Pandora Box: Keep your private pictures/videos in your secret Pandora box, and share your ‘Box’ with other users
• Sexual Orientation: Be Straight, be Gay, Be Lesbian, be Bi, just be yourself. Targeted search based on sexual orientation

Send a Shout-out to people nearby: “Hey, I’m visiting from Dallas, anyone have any suggestions on a good place for a drink?” The message will be sent to everyone who has opted to receive nearby shout-outs.

Chat-In to a softball/soccer field, or local pub to get messages from others who frequent that place. “The Playing Field: We are looking for 2 players to join our game on Saturday.” The message will be sent to everyone who has Chat-In to ‘The Playing Field’. This helps you stay connected to your favorite hang-out.

It’s a Nomadic way to explore your nearby community.

Permissions: We respect your privacy! We do not share your personal information with any 3rd party.

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