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The best jokes are the less complicated, and all of them are inside this amazing app One Liner Jokes! Download now and see what I’m talking about.

Do you prefer jokes that are simple yet can give a blast of humor?

Good thing we have One Liner Jokes, the best collection of one liner jokes from all over the world. Each one of them is a sure hit and once you download it, you’ll see what I mean.

“Hilarious and over the edge, cant wait to read all of them” – Henning W.

A collection of the craziest one liner jokes ever compiled in a single app, One Liner jokes is hilarious!

If you check out One Liner Jokes then you are up for some countless days of laughter and fun. The less complicated jokes are, the funnier it is that’s why we made it easy and simple for you. We have tons of funny jokes here and all you have to do is download, put the app in that little mobile of yours and give it a shake, and there you go, a funny joke waiting to be told!

Crazy Compilation

• Jokes that are so simple it’s a work of a genius

• Jokes that are so simple yet dirty, in your face style

• Jokes that both kids and adults will love

Jokes that burn

• Let’s compare your stupidity with butter okay?

• You’re doing the wrong kind of sex buddy

• Hand-to-hand combat with technology

These jokes have existed for many years; it is under-rated but definitely the most effective in raking in a couple of laughs from friends. Not only are the jokes easy to remember, they are extremely funny, making it a complete package of awesome humor. Check out One Liner Jokes now because we have a whole list of one liner for those of you who love them. We have different kinds of funny jokes, from question and answer jokes, to dirty jokes, to jokes that may even teach you a thing or two. Since I know what you really love, let me tell you now, some of the jokes are quite crude!

If you’re going to ask me, one liner jokes are the funniest of them all, it’s simple and direct to the point, it does not complicate your head with too many details, it just hits you right on. I know there are lots of you, like me who prefer to laugh at jokes this way and that is the same reason we created the app One Liner jokes, I know you can get one liner jokes anywhere, from the internet, text messages and even your family and friends, the difference here is we gathered the best, and only the best one liner jokes we could ever get our hands on, giving you uninterrupted laughter as you browse through each and every funny jokes inside this app.

One Liner jokes are also called monologue jokes, it’s a big part of the comedy culture and are regularly used especially in sitcoms. They have existed for so many years but it became more popular during the recent decades, replacing the more complicated, longer story based humor of our ancestors, like the “a guy walks into a bar” jokes. While we love anything that has something to do with humor, we can keep it tight and simple, direct and hilarious. We have collected so many of the world’s craziest, funniest, and even the naughtiest one liners and humorous proverbs, feel free to check them out, it’s just a download away.

What are you waiting for buddy? Download now!

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