Pick Up Girls - Be a Player

Pick Up Girls - Be a Player

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Pick Up Girls - Be a Player Pick Up Girls - Be a Player Pick Up Girls - Be a Player Pick Up Girls - Be a Player Pick Up Girls - Be a Player

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WARNING: Powerful techniques are presented and discussed in this app. As you learn to master these techniques, use your new found power with discretion. In the wrong hands, the skills taught in this app could result in great emotional harm to others. Enjoy yourself, but don't be evil.


Welcome to the undercover world of pick up artists, known as the PUA community. This app is your secret weapon for picking up girls.

"I was in a 2-set trying to neg the target. But I got IOI's from the obstacle. Should I DHV or DLV, assuming she was an SHB 11."

If that's gibberish to you, you NEED this app!

Forget about silly pickup lines. Getting girls is actually a process that can be broken down to some basic elements. This app will connect you with the experts who have made picking up women into a science. They will teach you how to have girls pursue you, instead of you pursuing them. By the way, this works great for nerdy guys. This app is your opportunity to transform yourself from geek to stud.

The moth is attracted to the candle flame. Learn to be the flame not the moth!

• How to be a pickup artist
• How to be cool
• How to flirt
• How to dress for women
• How to kiss a girl

PUA RAP: Get hip to what’s happening in the world of PUA, and stay there!

LEARN: Videos from expert pick up artists showing how to talk to a girl, where to find a girl, how to be cool

STYLE: You gotta dress like you get action if you wanna get some action!

FORUM: Learn from what the other dudes are asking

LOUNGE: Hang out, trade tall tales, and find out what worked for other guys

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