Pick Up Lines for Girls

Pick Up Lines for Girls

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Pick Up Lines for Girls Pick Up Lines for Girls

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In today’s world, women have reach the point where they are the ones to make the first move. Unlike men, women pick lines are more clever, racy, and optimistic to say the less.

"One line was all it took to get him to smile. That was the best night I ever had! Great app guys" -A. Webster

In this competitive battle of the sexes, you need style, class, and harry potter wizard like magic to cleverly pickup your next man.

Become a sex magnet.
* How to go home tonight with the stud in the nightclub
* The one thing to say to get the guy to notice you
* How to bag the hottie you see walking down the street

Research says some of the best pickup lines are simple. The straightforward "Hi, How are you?" is overpowering however. Imagine going up to the guy and saying that? So when your mind goes blank, down another drink, open this app, and rehearse yourself with these pick-up lines to bag you a sexy man.

So stop worrying about how to impress a guy, or how to get a guy to like you. Just so straight for the finishing move, and pound him down like the tiger he yearns for you to become.

Don’t be scared to add your own style to these pick-up lines, just remember to have fun and be yourself.

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