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Pistol Simulator

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Pistol Simulator Pistol Simulator Pistol Simulator Pistol Simulator Pistol Simulator Pistol Simulator Pistol Simulator Pistol Simulator

Description for Pistol Simulator

The Pistol is a magnificent weapon and you can simulate shooting on your cell.
You can simulate Pistol clicking on the weapon. If you run out of bullets is just click on the charger that charges the Pistol again.

1. You can see an animation of how Pistol works.
2. You can consult the information of Pistol.
3. You can simulate shooting on your cell.
4. You can choose other background Pistol.
5. You phone vibrates when shooting.
6. You can touch the screen to shoot.
7. Great quality of the sound of gunfire.
8. Has pistol with 17 shots.
9. Has pistol with 19 shots.
10. Has pistol with 22 shots.
11. Has pistol with 25 shots.
12. Has pistol with 27 shots.
13. Has pistol with 32 shots.
14. Has pistol with 37 shots.
15. Has pistol with 38 shots.

Pistol information as quoted from Wikipedia:

Pistol is a firearm portable, lightweight, short barrel, designed to be operated with one hand. A pistol is usually a small weapon good grip and quick handling, originally made for personal use (use by one person) in stocks of small-scope.

The pistols are graded by size, defining in several countries of the permitted use or not, differentiated by their powers.

Guns of the same caliber may use different ammunition, increasing its power to impact, puncture or internal damage to the target.

Pistols are generally semi-automatic - a projectile fired by each time the trigger is compressed, replacing another cartridge in the chamber, ready for the next shot. There are also some models fully automatic - that can fire several shots while you hold the trigger down.
Pistol, gun, guns, shot, weapons, firegun.

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