Powerful Massager (Vibrator)

Powerful Massager (Vibrator)

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Author: SonJoy

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Powerful Massager (Vibrator) Powerful Massager (Vibrator) Powerful Massager (Vibrator) Powerful Massager (Vibrator)

Description for Powerful Massager (Vibrator)

The maximum power that would otherwise have a cell phone, and enjoy the vibrations. = Please Read = The City of who you feel weak vibrations over the phone, if preferences are set to go ^ ^ 1 Preferences 2 sound and the display 3.'re Already saying to the maximum vibration strength used be surprised if you'll be too strong vibration. (Amazing), Tao and between men and women to rejuvenate their love to drink just that strengthen loneliness alone to rejuvenate tired, tired of people appreciate that Massager (Vibrator) is Features similar to the actual implementation of the famous Massager. Button 1. SPECIAL WAVE (Steve Jobs, Apple's sensitivity to feel the vibration), 2. HIGH (the mobile phone unit that would otherwise be the maximum vibration) 3. OFF (STOP) 4. LOW (subtle vibrations) 5. SPECIAL WAVE (Sea of ​​Japan while euneunhamyeon ppyamchineun wave) = yireolttae required = 1. A good chance alone at home when it (soon come in. But she daesilmang yalmiwoosigedo ㅠ) 2. Solo time = my age, to live a life which is depressing the eel ate tonight and lonely, more depressed when Donny 3. Head to head, put your phone on vibrate if you came out motneukkinda findings of the sponge when you want to try it, test 4. Lay two massive belly dancing sipeulttae put up your phone to run powerful applications Massager 5. On rainy days when emotions bujothal 6. Confucius was a loner when he was a friend of mine wihaengwija wihaera their happiness should have. 7. When Yame Massager This powerful application of the proceeds of piety eopeulin sports to public health is used as a non Billiards. Non-kinky sonjoyi (SonJoy) Chairman of the their own wihapnida happiness. Reviews and appeals, and the fan mail kakaohtok: sonjoy E-mail: [email protected] this application and is not related at all smartphone management tips: Remove the battery if the phone is wet and then dry completely and then kinda equipped with batteries.

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