Puzzle! A Moe Girl

Puzzle! A Moe Girl

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Price: $3.02

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Author: androidroid

Screenshots for Puzzle! A Moe Girl

Puzzle! A Moe Girl Puzzle! A Moe Girl Puzzle! A Moe Girl Puzzle! A Moe Girl Puzzle! A Moe Girl

Description for Puzzle! A Moe Girl

"Where Kke was dismissed ..."
Moe Moe slide puzzle like puzzle with her today!
It has also seen her figure hidden within the puzzle ... you.

When you clear the puzzle, I treasured illustrations show us a reward.
Moe Moe is inevitable in the girl's picture! Cute boys!
Those who are interested in games and original game doujin moe Please try by all means.
More and more clear by drawing a screen within the game!
Pretty pulp should be feeling that brave anymore! ? Moe is a cute girl to Geki.
You can also clear after observing the image of Mufufu further reward.
Although there are number apps Moe, Moe little app should really be tighter and tighter!
Trying to enjoy the feeling of becoming android Moe Moe!

Is required to run adobe Air.
It supports English, Japanese and Korean.

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