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A relationship tips and advice for men and women aiming to help couples having relationship problems and difficulties. May it be online dating, wedding, divorce, flirting, romance, marriage, break up and get ex back.
Discover the key to a successful relationship. Deepen your partnership and make it work with these 100's of tips

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Many times, conflict arises from a simple lack of understanding or miscommunication. Avoid making assumptions about what you hear.
Sometimes conflict escalates because something about the situation is an emotional trigger for us. If you’re feeling upset by the conversation, try to determine where the feeling is coming from.

Affirm the other person’s point of view. You don’t have to agree to understand the other point of view.

Decide on a fair course of action. Now that u have a clear idea of what the problem is and where the person is coming from, it is time to explore some solution.

Both people need to be open and honest with themselves and each other about the importance of their faiths and what role they wish it to play in their lives.

Lobbying or coercing your partner into converting to your faith should be avoided. This choice must be driven by the individual and his/her needs.

Be sensitive at all times to your partner's faith, beliefs and culture. Even if you think your spouse isn't, are very personal and sensitive.

The topic of children needs lots of discussion before the marriage takes place. Be honest and direct about your wishes.

Whether communication problems or incompatibilities seem to be why relationships fail for you, improving how you deal with conflict.

Treat it as normal and expected. Conflict need not be catastrophic or personal. Conflict is simply part of being human.

100's of Relationship Tips. One day at a Time. Apply these tips Daily and your relationship will reach to a new level.

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