Riko Narumi Photo

Riko Narumi Photo

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Riko Narumi Photo Riko Narumi Photo Riko Narumi Photo

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Moving pictures in the picture vertically and horizontally, trembling, applications that produce effects such as "move! Photo"
I bet that satisfy a number of beautiful photographs that were provided for Android.

The continued growth as an actress Riko Narumi, delivering photo of a little nostalgia!
Grown-up atmosphere with refined features are complete and have already exudes an overwhelming presence.

Riko is a fine situation, dating fleeting. Stroll along the nearby Daikanyama.
I had to look out the rain in the middle of ennui, she looked up at the sky while laughing happily and the sun put in an appearance.
The figure that was left but the innocence, the age of susceptible sexy sway drifting Between girls and adults.

Name: Narumi Riko (Riko Narumi)
Date of birth: August 18, 1992
Birthplace: Kanagawa Prefecture (Japan)
Blood type: O type
Height: 163cm
Hobbies: Reading
Special skill: Piano, three-wire

Main activities - -
Drama! "Taira no Kiyomori"
★ Don Quixote!

Seaside Motel!
Calligraphy & Girls! Our Koshien
Bushido Sixteen!


Natural Pure!
• 14-year-old love flowers
• 12 years

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