Romantic Date Hairstyles

Romantic Date Hairstyles

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Romantic Date Hairstyles Romantic Date Hairstyles Romantic Date Hairstyles Romantic Date Hairstyles Romantic Date Hairstyles

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Get ready for your “dream date” with Romantic Date Hairstyles app! Watch video tutorials and learn how to create lots of romantic hairstyles and look gorgeous for your special someone!

Hair styles that will make your Prince Charming fall for you at first sight!
Seduce him with your beautiful hair and enjoy leaving everyone else speechless!
Impress him on your first date with perfect hairstyle and there sure will be a second date!
Tutorials on creating romantic braids, updos and half-dos, and lots of gorgeous hairstyles perfect for a date!

There's nothing attractive about perfectly flatironed hair—just ask any guy. For soft, touchable waves, work volumizer through damp hair (if your hair is thick, use a nickel-size drop of styling cream instead to reduce frizz). Blow-dry while tossing your hair around with your hands—the bigger it gets, the better. Then take a one-inch curling iron and, holding it vertically, open the iron and spiral inch-wide sections of hair around the barrel for a few seconds without clamping the iron shut. Only curl the hair from ear level down—leaving the roots straight keeps the look loose and natural. Once the waves have cooled, rake your fingers through to soften them.

For the most appealing chignon, follow these steps:
1. Starting about two inches from your scalp, lightly tease just your roots with a fine-tooth comb, using broad strokes to avoid compacting the hair too tightly. This will help prevent the bun from slipping out. (Skip this step if your hair is curly.)

2. Gather your hair at the nape of your neck and make a low, loose ponytail, securing it with elastic placed about a half-inch away from your scalp.

3. Tease the underside of the ponytail, and then casually wind it into a bun. Use ridged, U-shape hairpins to anchor it, sticking one in each side of the knot and one at the bottom.

Soft blowout: Begin by blow-drying hair straight with a round brush to increase volume, and then curl the ends using a large-barrel iron. Working in small sections, roll the bottom few inches of hair under, then slide the iron out and use a large clip to hold curl in place until it has cooled. Afterward, brush through the ends to create chunky coils.

Side bun: Shifting a bun to the side makes it more charming—and less schoolmarmish. First, comb hair into a deep side part so it sweeps across one eye. Then, neatly brush it into a low ponytail on the side of your neck opposite to your part, securing the ponytail no more than two inches off-center (any further and you'll look like you have a doorknob growing out of your ear). Lightly tease the tail with the brush, which will help the bun hold, then wind it around into a chignon and secure with ridged, U-shape hairpins.

Jumbo curls - The secret to creating them: hot rollers, which give a looser spring to hair than a curling iron. Use medium-size rollers if you have fine hair, and large ones for thick or curly hair. Working with widths of hair that are the size of the rollers, start by wrapping the middle section around the barrel first, then wind the ends around and roll up to your scalp. (This prevents the curls from becoming perky ringlets.) To finish, brush through the curls once to fluff them, and then keep your fingers off so they don't lose their shape.

Add a floral accessory: When putting flowers in your hair, there's a fine line between ethereal and hokey. To keep things sophisticated, choose a pin with an orchid or gardenia rather than hippie-ish flowers like daisies. Be sure the buds are white or pastel colors—bright hues are usually too cutesy, though brunettes can pull off a vibrant purple piece. Finally, choose the right placement: On loose hair, pin the flower right above one ear, or stick it in the top of a low bun or ponytail.

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