Saki ☆ Bikini

Saki ☆ Bikini

Downloads: 500 - 1,000

Price: FREE

Votes: 2

Author: SkyPicchu

Screenshots for Saki ☆ Bikini

Saki ☆ Bikini Saki ☆ Bikini Saki ☆ Bikini Saki ☆ Bikini

Description for Saki ☆ Bikini

Saki ☆ Bikini It is a photograph collection of a beautiful girl popular in Japan. 27P: number of pages Method of operation · I will send the page by tapping the arrow in the triangle · I tap the MENU button MENU screen - + - Scaling of the photo • Return to the screen Select Photo Album · I will display the thumbnail screen Thumb Other end-of apps, links, etc. · I set the photo as wallpaper you are viewing Wallpaper · MENU bar disappears when you tap the picture to display in MENU Keyword: wallpaper, photo book, Asian, Japanese, sea, bikini, jeans, shorts, sandy beach

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