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Join the wicked and cool gang of school pranksters! Learn the trade and get ready to play some hilarious pranks with the help of School Pranks!

Want to know the best pranks you can do in school?

Worry no more, we have so many pranks in store for you it would be a surprise if you get to accomplish all of them. Check out the very funny prank ideas in School Pranks! Your best app to get practical jokes for schools!

“ Exciting! Cant wait to try them all out!!” – Gary S.

Try out School Pranks and check out the latest, most innovative and funniest pranks you can do in school. We have the all here.

School Pranks delivers the best and freshest school pranks you can do. With a huge array of great pranks you will surely have a winner with every shake so feel free to have a couple of giggles and laughs with the help of this crazy new app.

Unexpected Kind of Class

• Even your teacher can get in on the secret

• Even your teacher can be the victim!

• Your class will have a field day once executed properly

Do or Die Pranks

• New pranks that will get you into funny trouble

• Pranks that may get you off the hook

• Pranks that will make your teacher confused as hell!

For some people, school can be stressful and having a couple of laughs through pranks is the only way to keep their sanity. Me I always hated getting up early in the morning to learn Algebra, come on guys, seriously, Algebra?? If there’s one thing that I look forward to when going to class, it’s hanging out with my buddies, and playing a trick or two on them which always took the stress off.

Where was I? Well, I always had good grades, even if I spent most of it sleeping in class, when I’m not sleeping I take notes (yes I do take notes) or I play practical jokes on my peers, or even on teachers, and of course, they do the same to me, those are glorious days! But there is something more special when you hear the seniors do it, it’s always funnier, more extreme and more successful, damn they surely are the pros, always hilarious but never gets caught.

I’m out of school now, graduated with decent grades, but that never took away my passion for jokes and pranks, I really miss them though. There are so many prank ideas that I still want to do even now but I prefer to share it with you instead, for the future generation of pranksters! I’ve listed them all out for you and cramped them all inside this very funny app, I’m am pretty sure you will find a gem that will fit your criteria inside.

If you are about to leave school soon and you want to leave a wicked impression on the juniors, your peers, or even your teachers, there is no limit when it comes to pranks. You can even do some on your girlfriend, but make sure it doesn’t jeopardize your relationship! The sky is the limit when it comes to pranks and creativity, with some teamwork from your fellow classmates, you can pretty much accomplish all of the prank ideas here.

Once you got the team assembled then it is time for the ultimate prank ever. You got the enthusiasm, you got the school, you got your accomplices and I got the prank ideas! Let’s do this brothers and sisters! Go through some of the school pranks that I’ve compiled in this wonderful app and see if you can come up with new ideas to ante up the notch. Though I doubt that you can beat my pranks, feel free to try. The pranks here are tried and tested all over the world so now do your job and download!

There is a huge list of prank ideas that you can lay on your unsuspecting school or classmates, or professors! It cannot get any better than that? Just remember though, with epic pranks you can get epic consequences especially if you get caught so be sneaky and smart about it, large pranks also comes with large cleanups so you better be prepared.

I know you want it, don’t wait anymore, download it!

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