Secret Pic - Camera Photo FREE

Secret Pic - Camera Photo FREE

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Author: Crumpet Sam

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Secret Pic - Camera Photo FREE Secret Pic - Camera Photo FREE Secret Pic - Camera Photo FREE Secret Pic - Camera Photo FREE

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FREE trial of a simple app that allows you to take photos without anyone ever knowing. Does NOT require *root* access. Use this trial to give 'Secret Pic' a go before buying the very inexpensive PRO version here.

* No camera lens shutter noise
* No flash
* No indication on home screen that a photo has been taken
* No instant review
* Just a micro-vibrate to let you know the picture has been taken!
* Absolutely NOTHING that gives away your secret photograph
* Automatic landscape or portrait depending on phone orientation

NOTE: Once you've clicked the Secret Pic icon, hold your phone still until you feel a brief vibration. This typically takes 2 to 4 seconds depending on the speed of your phone and camera.

Now you can take pictures without anyone knowing. Great for those occasions where you need to be discrete, but would love to record the moment. Use in meetings, on special occasions which might be formal, like weddings, etc.

** NOTE: Please keep your Secret Pic uses legal!


1. Download app
2. Click Install
3. Click Done (not Open)
4. Long press on spare space on your home screen (or other screen) and Add Shortcut (not Widget), select Applications and then select Secret Pic.

See screen grab example.

A new folder called Secret_Pic will automatically be created in your usual picture library. For example /sdcard/DCIM/Secret_Pic

The photograph file name will automatically contain the date and time that the picture was taken.

Now whenever you're in a situation where you want to surreptitiously (i.e. secretly, quietly or confidentially) take a picture, just click the Secret Pic icon. No one will be any the wiser.

You can simply be appear to be looking at your phone's calendar, looking up a number, checking your texts or emails - but you'll know that you just captured the moment with Secret Pic. The simplest hidden camera photo application on the market.


Get the full unlimited, no ads and no restriction version of the Secret Pic app here

Please don't mark this app down if you have a problem. Contact us and we'll be sure to help you out. Drop us an email for a quick response at [email protected]

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