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Your easy access to sexy and alluring tips that would drive her wild!

Do you want to give your girlfriend the ultimate pleasure?

The gates to the carnal heavens can be opened with the brand new app Sex Advice. Know her pleasure points, know what turns her on and watch as she goes into overdrive, thrusting and moaning in woes of sexual abandon. Yes, you heard me right, you thought your girlfriend was naughty? Wait until you try out these awesome sex tips, you may just have the power to bring your girlfriend in a different level, a level of sexual awakening and wild desire.

“Just reading about it makes me all tingly inside, can’t wait!!!!” – Jasmin Y.

In this wonderfully written new app Sex Advice, we give you the secrets of the pleasure points. You can now push the right buttons and activate the waterfall of lust.

Discover what turns your girlfriend on, know the spots where you should touch, kiss or even lick. Her body is a wonderland and you are the insatiable explorer, and let Sex Advice be your guiding light. Sex Advice brings you all the tips you need to know, including where to focus your loving kisses and how to make her beg for more. There are so many choices to choose from but make sure to try them all for a more intimate private fun.

Hit the Target

• Some light licking and nibbling here causes an explosion of passion

• Turn your massage skills into an art form

• That spot needs to be devoured soon

The Animal in You

• Keep pushing the right buttons and wait for that perfect moment to attack

• The inner animal in her is waiting to be unleashed

• Grab that! Pull that! Bite that! Spank that!

Honestly, there is no shame in it that you want to know the secrets to make your woman happy; it is possibly the best time to spruce up your sex life with some cool tips. Doesn’t really matter whether you are big or small what matters the most in the game is how apt and perfect you are in driving your girlfriend nuts.

Sometimes it’s a little frustrating when you feel that you are touching the wrong parts, kissing the wrong places and such, your sexy girl may be acting like she wants it but deep inside, it is irritating her, now that kind of stings when the truth hits you. There are subtle ways to make her moan sincerely, and you will never have to be insecure about your sexual prowess ever again. Release the erotic side in her by showing that you know her body really well, that sweet, sexy body that’s begging for some naughty man handling from you.

Guys may be more vocal about it, we all know what’s inside a guy’s head all the time, sex, sex, and more sex. Now I’m going to tell you a little secret, girls love sex as much as you do, the problem is they are more discreet about it, making it harder to initiate sexual contact. Now here comes the part where guys come and do their jobs, you have to make your girlfriend want it, forcing sex unto another is never an option unless you are doing it for role play so do your part, know that sexy body really well and be fulfilled by the burning passion once you set that erotic little sex kitten in her loose.

Let’s accept the fact - if you want to take control of the woman and have an erotic sexual life than you have to forget about the concerns that you might have about your performance level. Get creative, cross the dotted lines and break the glass ceilings to experience the thrill, magic and enigma. The truth is, often the concerns about your performance stands as the mood killer and spoils the thrill of momentous and passionate pleasure. Worry not; keep yourself updated with these hot sex tips to make your sex life as erotic as you ever dreamt.

Make the naughty sex kitten come for you and download today.

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