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Sex education

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Elevate your sexual knowledge to a higher level.

Is your mind troubled by sexual-oriented questions that haven’t been answered yet?

“Had I known that sex is so good for health, I’d have a great excuse for having it more often” – C. Bailey

You don’t know them all.
• A team of interesting erotic tips and information you may have never heard before.
• A wise guy takes a hike. A wise man takes the girl.

Be the best student in class.
• Educate yourself sexually and break down the myths existing.
• Don’t let them catch you sleeping.

Sex is a monumental chapter in the book of life. Although it’s just a physical activity, like breathing or eating, it is highly important because of the unlimited pleasure it can provide. According to a whole psychology school, libido is the ultimate force that makes the world go round. Even if that is an exaggeration, we all can see that many of the decisions we make every day, are motivated by sexual reasons. The way we dress, the way we speak and move, all aim to the ultimate prize: Attraction of the opposite, or in some occasions same, sex.

Erotic stimulants are all around us. In advertisements, on TV, in movies. We are daily attacked by thousands of sexual images imprinted inside our brain. Even the selection of a new car is stimulated by the appeal it will have to a potential girlfriend. Sexy girls promote all kind of products, from condoms to detergents. Why? Because it is the safest way to attract the client’s interest. Sexuality sells.

Sexual education is highly important for a person’s mature and natural growth. But the knowledge provided by sex films, or by television, or by friends, can many times be confusing and sometimes misleading. That is the reason it has been introduced at schools, as a mandatory course, so that all relative questions can be answered by trained educators.
As funny as it may sound, sex teaching can be valuable to older people as well. We all have queries about sexuality that we have left unanswered, because we feel it’s embarrassing to ask. No matter how experienced we are, there is always something we don’t know. It would be rather arrogant to say there isn’t. Human relationships are complicated and since sex plays a major role in them, it can be complicated too.
In order to achieve hot sex, one should be educated on the subject. A lot of myths have been circulated as time has passed, that cause misunderstandings. A misinformed person is an ignorant one. This app has been created in order to uncover the truth for some of this wrong information. It includes erotic teachings which debunk some of the most popular lies about sexual behavior. Inside it you will find sex facts that you probably don’t know and may be useful to the enrichment of your sexual activities. With the help of these tips you could reach a higher education on sexual course and who knows… maybe you’ll be soon called to your final exams, in front of the hot girl you want, for so many days now…

Information about sex can be endless. Of course we could not provide it all in just one app. But the tips we offer you, are based on newly discovered scientific data and on the latest psychological reviews published. They were carefully selected because of their importance in enhancing the quality of a man’s healthy, sexual life. They are brief, with phrases easy to understand and they contain subjects that everybody has dealt with, at least once in their lives. They refer to physiology issues, psychological conditions and merely anatomic information that we are all interested in.

Sex on TV, erotic movies, web sex, sex literacy, provide you with the best sex positions, the best lines you can use, the best moves you can make, in order to offer the highest possible satisfaction to yourself and your partner.

Download this app now. Fill in all the blanks that can cause damage.

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