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Sex Jokes

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Laugh your sexuality out.

Are you tired of the same jokes over and over again and want to be a little naughty for a change?

Laughter is the most valuable defense against the moody, stressful world we live in. Sex is one of the most amusing pleasures anyone can enjoy. Combining these two, would be a blessing for the troubled soul. What could be more fulfilling than laughing with sex?

“I loved this app. I remember some of the jokes and I giggle like a chick!” –Henning W.

Don’t laugh at it. Laugh with it.
• A large collection of short adult jokes for the not so innocent.
• Get dirty with your mouth.

Speed up in kinky lane.
• Turn your phone into a hot bomb full of laughter.
• Buckle up and get ready for a ride on the wild side.

We are all tired of the overused, corny, little jokes we hear every day. They sound all the same, not funny anymore. They are silly and they are boring. If you are the kind of man that can appreciate new, authentic, a little dirty, adult jokes, then you are the right kind of man for this collection. Short, burning, hilarious jokes are waiting for you to appreciate them. They will make your day and your evening and maybe even your night if you choose them for pickup lines.
You can share them with your partner for a little relaxed, quality time together. There’s nothing bringing the couples together more, than a good laugh. You can send them on sms to your friends, as a small breath of humor during a hard, working day. They would be perfect to use to make a girl laugh at a bar, after you two have met and have almost exhausted the usual topics of discussion. Many say that the best way to a girl’s bed, is to make her laugh to tears.

Some people take sex too seriously. They forget it’s a natural function, just like breathing, or eating. Endless discussions about proper sexual behavior are staged everywhere all the time. Parents, psychologists, sociologists and priests are determined to convince us what is the right thing to do, when to do it, how to do it, so the most joyful and simple thing, becomes complicated and sometimes horrifying. The best way to exorcise these demons, is to laugh with them. This app provides you with the comedy tools to do just that. Laugh with an embarrassing situation, laugh with the internal battle of the sexes, laugh with the irritating questions about sex that only a kid can ask.
The funny jokes in the app will maybe remind you of an akward moment you had in the past, will make you laugh with some smart answers you could have given when you were asked specific questions, will make you wonder how simple but true, are some facts of life. One thing is for sure. They will not bore you.

You have humor, you have your joke of the day, you have a harmless, little dirty touch of joy. All in your cell phone, all in reach of a button. Jokes about sexy, not so smart women, funny quotes about sex orientation, adult jokes about marriage and relationships, are all in your disposal, just by shaking your hand. A naughty kid is waiting for you just at the next joke, a funny conversation between friends is two jokes away, a hot blonde is eager to make you laugh right in the middle of the app.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to excite your mind with something better than the cheesy, soap-opera humor that attacks you from everywhere lately. Take a break from common, cheap, dysfunctional comedy that rules the media. Give yourself a deep breath of new, fresh air of amusement with the sex-themed, original jokes that are concluded in this app. Save yourself and your loved ones the terrible ordeal of bad comedians with small minds.
Don’t be ashamed to laugh with things other people are afraid of even mentioning. Good humor is clean by definition. There are no dirty jokes, only dirty minds.
Download this app. Get a little dirty and come out all clean.

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