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National Sex Offender Search - Search ALL 50 STATES INSTANTLY


Protect your family from nearby predators, run an instant neighborhood sex offender check.

Sex Offender Records may include:

-Birth Date
-Known Aliases
-Mug Shots
-Arrest Date
-Offence Type & Code
-Offence Date
-Probation Information
-Original Plea
-Other Offence Details

Sex Offender Records

Checking Sex Offender Records: Ensuring Your Family’s Safety
If you have children or other family members you are concerned for because they are often held in someone else’s care, a sex offender records search is often an excellent way to screen their caretakers. Or, you may be concerned about a new neighbor, potential date, co-worker or acquaintance and want to ensure they aren't a registered sex offender or have never been accused of a sex crime.

What Information Is Contained in Sex Offender Records?

Sex offender records include such details as mug shots of the individual, a physical description of him or her, the date of arrest and charges filed against them, and the disposition of the case. If they were convicted and are required to regularly register with local authorities, this information will constantly be updated. For example, you can learn about their home and work addresses, occupation and whether they are currently paroled or on a work release program.

The case number is also found in sex offender records, and you can use this information to obtain court records from hearings, trials and sentencing dates. If the person was ever incarcerated for the sex crimes, you’ll find details about where the sentence was carried out and how long they were there.

How Serious Are Sex Crimes?

Criminals who conduct themselves in a manner that is considered sexually criminal by local and national laws are considered some of the most dangerous individuals in society. Strict punishments and requirements of released sex offenders attest to this fact. However, overcrowded prisons and lax rules for prisoners with good behavior may lead to shorter prison sentences and early releases, so you must remain educated about the individuals who have access to your family.

Sex offender records will also show you if the person has been convicted of multiple sex crimes, though you shouldn't forget that sex offenders have one of the highest recidivism rates of all criminals. This means they are more likely to re-offend than other convicts.

Sex crimes are further classified according to the perceived seriousness of the act, and these will vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. One county may consider a sex crime a misdemeanor, and another will consider it a felony, which is punishable by one year or more of prison time. Many jurisdictions also classify them at different levels such as Class A, B, C or D sex crimes. Regardless of the classification, repeat offenders often receive higher classifications and tougher sentences.

What Can I Do If I Find Sex Offender Records in Someone’s Name?

If someone in your life is a convicted sex offender, you should avoid giving them access to your family members or finding yourself spending time alone with them. National and state sex offender registries may alert you to an escaped or absconded sex offender who has failed to update his or her information, in which case you may contact the appropriate authorities to remedy the situation. Conducting a sex offender records search is a great way to add a level of assurance when entrusting access to you personally or your family by an unknown individual.

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