Sex Party

Sex Party

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Sex Party Sex Party Sex Party Sex Party Sex Party Sex Party Sex Party

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"Sex Party" is not your typical erotic game, "Sex Party" brings you to a series of game modes to enjoy both with friends as your partner.

There are 4 game modes (for now) to play the way that suits you in every situation.

"Dices" is specially made to play between friends and enjoy uninhibite, or enjoy enjoy with your partner as the options in this way raises considerably.

No party gonna be boring again. Heats the room with the new "Group Mode", you put the shots, we the fun. How many shots you will be able to take? Who will have to leave before finishing the game?

Kama "Sutra", in which you can find most exciting positions. No doubt, you will enjoy it.

The last mode is "Dildo", which lets you use your phone as a tiny dildo ... As you use it is your responsibility!

To play "Sex Party" only need to choose your game mode and shake your phone. It has included a trick that can be enabled in order to obtain the best possible outcome in each of the modes and thus give a slight advantage to one who knows it.

Think you never need to "Sex Party" because your partner is great in everything or because its impossible to play with a group of friends? "Sex Party" only has the intend to be a an ingredient to your relationship with your partner or the "Innocent" game which no one can resist the temptation to play. We can't guarantee your success, but we can guarantee spicy and exciting moments with couple and / or friends.

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"Sex Party" does not rest. Give us your requests, criticisms and advice and value to make "Sex Party" every day an exciting game and adapted to all.

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