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Fuel your lust and get the most amazing sexual encounters with super hot and new sex positions!

Do you wish you can perform in bed like a porn star for your lover?

Yes there is a way, in sexy movies, actors just don’t pull those tricks out of the blue. You have to know what sex positions would really hit the spot as you thrust away. Some of them are not that easy to do but all of them are definitely trying. You will surprise your partner and may even surprise yourself with the these awesome and naughty sex positions.

“Sex-Positions rock…(ed) the bed so hard last night! Boom!” – Henning W.

Sex-Positions gives you a detailed description and list of the most mind blowing sex positions out there. Each one of them is worthy of being in a porn movie or a special move of a Kama Sutra guru.

This wildly entertaining and naughty app teaches you lots of sexual positions which you can try at home. These beautifully written instructions will push you deeper into the erotic world that would blow the mind of your girlfriend or boyfriend. This is a special kind of sex education that you wouldn’t want to miss!

Work Out Sessions

* The squats will tone your body and drive you love crazy at the same time

* This angle will show your muscles flex as you thrust away

* The kind of stretching that I would be willing to do everyday

Now that is a Great View

* Unleash the stripper in you

* Utilizing the “full package”

* Put on a good show while feeling every inch

This app will turn you into an expert. I am sure you want to drive your partner nuts with your special love-making skills but watching sex movies doesn’t give you much information on what that position does, simply trying out what you see can lead to a disaster. Here in Sex-Positions, we teach you how to execute the move and we tell you how well it works and how it makes you hit the right spots. In porn, we usually see the rough sex kind and actors acting like they insanely succumbed to lust. Well, this is not acting ladies and gentlemen, each position provided has a special something that can fill your imagination with the most naughty, sexy fantasies and reach climax much easily. We all want to experience that extremely wild hot sex with our love and Sex-Positions app will help you with that.

Many of us know about the health benefits of sex, but a few know how to maximize the working out aspects of making love, like the calories it burn, how it tones your thigh muscles, strengthens your lower back and abdominal muscles and much more. When you try out each of the positions you can experience a very fulfilling workout session. Now this is the kind of exercise we all want to experience everyday right? The fun thing about these positions is having the company to exercise with, your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your friend (if they are open about it), it is about improving your health physically and sexually. This your access to the Kama Sutra of apps, if you are an adult and you love the erotic, if you are in a relationship or you are just a single dude dating a beautiful girl, Sex-Positions has something for you.

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