Sex Scandal America..(sample)

Sex Scandal America..(sample)

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Sex Scandal America..(sample) Sex Scandal America..(sample)

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「Sex Scandal America: Politics & the Ritual of Public Shaming / David Rosen」
Sex Scandal America is a comprehensive history of sexual scandals in America from colonial times (including Pocahontas and the Puritans) to today (few know about this part of George W. Bush's dubious past). The book exposes the scandals of national political figures (presidents, congress-folk, governors) and those of celebrities (e.g., entertainers and tycoons). It ties these scandals to the deeper changes in sexual culture occurring during the various phases of the country's social evolution. Most importantly, it assesses the role of (political) scandals as a form of public shaming. The book shows how, over the last four centuries, scandals have changed as a ritualized spectacle, evolving from a morality tale to an entertainment distraction. ?

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