Sex Scanner

Sex Scanner

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Author: Crazystreak

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Sex Scanner Sex Scanner Sex Scanner Sex Scanner

Description for Sex Scanner

This is a fun app which predicts how horny you are(Horny Meter)and the best place for you to have Sex..!!
Once again this Scanner app does not actually scans your Thumbprint but just gives you the illusion that it scans your thumbprint..It vibrates when you place your thumb on the scanner..!!
So great way to play a prank on your friends and have fun with them..Enjoy..!!!
Its one of a kind scanner/Sex Meter which tells how much of a Sex Addict you are..;)

keywords- sex scanner test,horny, horny meter,adult !!

P.S- We are small time developers ,so for monetizing and for keep making Exciting free apps for you this app is add-supported which can be opted out easily.

Note:- This is not an official app and is subjected under copyright protection. In case any of the images,property violates any rights please let us know we'll remove the subjected contents immediately. Thank You.

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