Sexology - Sex Game Sex Quiz

Sexology - Sex Game Sex Quiz

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Sexology - Sex Game Sex Quiz Sexology - Sex Game Sex Quiz Sexology - Sex Game Sex Quiz Sexology - Sex Game Sex Quiz

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WARNING: this app discusses sex in a mature manner and is intended for only a mature audience (18+)

Sexology is the up and coming sex game and sex quiz on the Android market. Sexology challenges the player with a variety of sex trivia questions on human sexuality, sex education, strange sex practices and customs, gender, sex techniques, famous sex quotes, hot sex tips and more.

The sex advice forum called Ask the Sexologist is where you can post questions or read the answers to others who have posted questions on sex advice such as, how to cure premature ejaculation, how to manage erectile dysfunction, what are the best sex positions, what does my sex dream mean, how do I perform oral sex, how do I get my girlfriend to orgasm, what are natural ways to increase the size of my penis, does breast massage increase breast size, how do we have anal sex for the first time, how do I get my wife to experience female ejaculation. Those are just some of the hundreds of submitted questions answered on the Ask the Sexologist board.

It doesn't matter if you are looking to blow your loves mind on valentines with a new great sex tip or just overall interested in enhancing your sex life then the Sexologist can certainly help answer your questions.

Sample Sexology Questions
1) What is the only other animal to commonly practice face to face sex besides humans?
2) The German gynecologist Ernst Grafenberg is known for identifying what?
3) An interesting poll found that computer geeks make the best lovers, what percentage of geeks put their partner's pleasure over their own?
4) Sex quote, who said this: 'A man can sleep around, no questions asked, but if a woman makes nineteen or twenty mistakes she's a tramp'?
5) Sex quote, who said this: 'You know that look that women get when they want to have sex? Me neither!'?
6) What is the most common flavor of edible underwear?

Sexology Features
1) Play at 4 different game levels, from Easy to Insane
2) Post your score on the global leaderboard and see how well you compare to others
3) Question help is available, you can even share questions with your friends
4) Submit your own questions and earn extra game points

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